Pro Staff

Dr. Jimmy Steger is the Host and Executive Producer of Monster Trophy Whitetails TV.  Dr. Steger is a Naturopath Nutritionist, Iridologist and Professional Trainer.   He is the Pres/ CEO of J. S. Training Systems Inc. a full service Health, Fitness and Martial Arts facility located in Mobile AL.  Dr. Steger sees patients from all over the world for every type of disease known to man. Specializing in Natural Medicine modalities, ie Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. Steger has been hunting since the age of 6 years of age where he started Quail Hunting with his dad.  He still enjoys Quail hunting when hes’ not Hunting Monster Trophy Whitetails. Dr. Steger is the current 15x World Champion in Karate, 7x National Kung-Fu Champion and 2x European Open Champion. For booking a hunt or an appointment to see him personally  he can be contacted at his office @ 251-660-1240 For more info regarding his services go to, or

Jimmy Steger Jr,  13 years of age , is a our youngest member of the Team and is the son of Dr Jimmy Steger Sr.    Jimmy killed his first buck this season in Alabama after hunting his first two seasons with no kills.  He is a straight A Student at Mobile Christian school and is the 2014 2015 World Karate Champion. He is a student of his fathers dojo,  Dr. Steger’s ULTIMATE Martial Arts located in Mobile AL. Jimmy takes Kung-Fu, Karate, Ju-Jitsu and Judo and loves grappling and Ju-Jitsu the most. Jimmy also trains in his fathers Health Club 4 days a week to help with being healthy and better at sports.  He loves the great outdoors and many sports.  He plays basketball and baseball.   Ask him what he likes the most, and he’ll tell you quickly, put me in a buggy in the woods and it’s on !