Lifeguard Survival Gear  is designed to take you there and back alive!  Our Lifeguard Staff is the most well thought out Hiking Staff ever invented.  Regardless of your outdoor adventure, The Lifeguard Survival Staff will make it easier and give you more piece of mind.  Our Survival Strap is a one of a kind over the should strap which holds your food, water, first aid kit, cell phone, wallet and is very comfortable and durable.   Comes in two colors, black and olive drab.  Great for taking with you on any outdoor excursion and having all your essentials with you.  Go check out both of these incredible pieces of survival gear on our web page.

Lifeguard Television is our New Show designed to help people better understand about their health through Natural protocols.

We want you to be Healthy, Fit and In Shape always !

Our Lifeguard Survival Strap and Staff are great for anyone wanting to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors and be able to survive ! Check out our complete Line of Nutritional Supplements also and get healthy, Naturally ! Go to our website to order or call our office @ 251-660-1240

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Dr. Jimmy Steger developed these products over 33 years ago to help farmers and breeders grow bigger and healthier whitetails. Dr. Steger performs nutritional testing on deer to see what their specific nutritional deficiences are, then builds a custom program to help get their nutrition where is needs to be for optimal growth and repair. For more info, go to the front page of this site and click on the Whitetail Magic button or call 251-660-1240

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