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Are you interested in growing the biggest whitetail you can grow?  Then now is the time to learn about what it takes to truly grow big antlers.  Most breeders and ranchers are buying inferior feed for their deer.  That’s right!   I have personally reviewed over 20 different types of various feeds that are currently out there on the market for sale in the past 30 years and I have consistently seen poor grade products been used over and over again. This is not giving your deer the best nutrition formula for their health, body size and certainly not antler growth.  We simply want to supply you with the very best deer nutritional supplements you can buy.  Add our products to your current feed program or we can supply your feed supply company with our products then you can be assured you are getting the very best bio-available minerals you can put in their body.  Call our office today to set up a consult with Dr. Steger and let us custom design a mineral formula for your heard and watch the difference.  Remember superior nutrition equals superior bucks!

Dr. Jimmy Steger, N.D., Ph.D.  

Whitetail Magic

Whitetail Magic is a liquid mineral that is broken down into angstrom size.  This means that it is the smallest size mineral you can break down and is assimilated at 99% in just a few minutes.  Most nutritional formulas whether it is for human or animals are compounded formulas which means there are two molecules combined together to produce a mineral.  This is what all nutrition and feed companies are using in there products.  This is where my formulas are totally different.  After taking samples of  urine, bone and antlers from deer all over the USA in the past 20 years, I have never seen a deer with a calcium level that was close to being normal.  Calcium and Phosphorus are the two things needed most for antlers.  Most deer have considerably low levels of magnesium, sulphur and silicon.  All of these are vital for deer antler growth.  Some people may even wonder how they can get more vitamins and minerals past the rumen in the animals.  This is done very easily with my formula because it is already broken down and does not need the enzymes to try to break it down any further so the animal can absorb it.  This is true with all of my formulas.  I can also do custom made minerals for your deer based off a VMT (Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid Test) we provide for you.  We can do this either through collecting urine, antler or hair samples from your deer.  Once we get the results then we can build a custom formula  for your deer and redo your test every 6 months to a year and show you how your deer are doing.   Once we get the new results we will then rebuild a new formula for your animal.  Dr. Steger has been doing this for over 25 years with great success and can show you how his proven and tested methods in order to help you build the biggest, best quality deer you can have.  Three distinct things will happen with my formulas.  1. Your deer antlers will grow bigger. 2. Your body size will increase. 3. Your deer meat will be much healthier for the hunter.  All the way around, you will win by using my formulas.  Isn’t it time you stepped up your deer nutrition program?  Call today for a consult with Dr. Steger and let’s get your program growing naturally!  We look forward to helping you grow record book whitetails.

Price $700.00 /5 gallons,  Custom formulas $900.00 / 5 gallons  Note; 1- 5 gallon container will last one deer 18 months if used as directed.

Whitetail Pro-Vita

Whitetail Pro-Vita is a Vitamin & Amino Acid product which uses a ground flax base that you can pre-blend with your current deer formula or if you have your breeder bucks in a separate fenced in area you may apply this directly to their food on a daily basis.  We can send this directly to you or to the manufacturer of your feed and let them blend it with your current feed.  All the deer we have performed VMT test on are severely deficient in Vitamins and Amino Acids.  When amino acids are low, nitrogen levels drop and then the anabolic affect (growth inducing) stops.  This is where catabolism takes over (muscle wasting).  You can’t grow maximum potential in deer antlers when this happens.  Deer, like humans must keep a positive nitrogen balance at all times in order to keep from sacrificing lean body mass and antler growth.  

Price $270.00 25lbs Bag   Note: 1 – 25 lbs bag will last one deer 18 months if used as directed.